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Department of Historical Research under the Ministry of Culture, has now published many Myanmar Historical Research Works of the Historical Commission members.
The national races of Myanmar have residing unitedly in the Union of Myanmar since ancient time with a long history and culture of its own.
Pre-Bagan Period
Tagaung Period & Myinsai- Pinya-Sagaing Period
Mon Civilization
Bagan Period
Taungoo Period
Ancient Rakhine and Mrauk-U Period
Innwa Period (1364-1555)
Nyaungyan Period (1358-1752)
Konbaung Period (1752-1885)
British Colonial Period (1885-1942)
Japan Period (1942-1945) & Post War Period (1945-48)
Post-Independence Period (1948-1962)
Post-Independence Period (1962-1988)
Post-Independence Period (1988-Today)